We roast coffee beans to build community, empower students and keep people caffeinated.


It all began with Westside’s STEM Program. One of the first ideas was to incorporate Coffee because it would provide students with a deeper understanding of the science, marketing, and creative side behind coffee. The Students showed a great interest that would lead to starting a Coffee Roasting Class during the school year. As students learned more, their interest and enthusiasm increased for the Coffee Roasting Class. The Westside purchased its very first Coffee Roaster that gave the Students the opportunity to start roasting and learn more about how to roast coffee beans. Students began to gain hands-on experience in the art and science of roasting coffee beans. Over time, their passion for roasting coffee began to grow.

Word quickly spread, and more individuals became interested in trying Westside’s coffee . Not only did it enriched the educational experience for students but also opened doors to various opportunities, showcasing their talents and dedication to the art of coffee roasting. What began as just a small idea of roasting coffee, would lead to beginning The Westside Community Centers very own Coffee Business.